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Well I think it`s time to introduce...

So, I`m Rainmaker... he he

From Lithuania, Kaunas city... Well as we used to say - "Kaunas is Kaunas"

Now I`m a student... and between studies I`m playing SWAT4:TSS online and some other games not online, well I`m RTS and TBS fan, also played NFS series, liked them, and more... Have not so bad collection of games...

I saw one interesting fact - looks like very (I said very) small amount of ppl is playing SWAT 4 in Lithuania...

Damn... that`s bad... lol

And we don`t have server here too...

But what can we do...? (retoric question)

You can meet me on these servers: KOZ - Kingdom Of Zeus, very cool server, very cool ppl, very cool community, very good teachers... They can teach you how needs play, if you wanna be real elite player... The second server is GSF - Global Swat Force, a brother of a KOZ bcos almost the same ppl and community... GSF has and very fine customs server - GSF Customs, where are only custom maps in rotation... You can find homepages in Links section.

Also sometimes you can meet me at Sog-Team.co.uk server and -ETU-Special Forces (Honor server).

Well, I think thats all...
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